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Techpost #1 Present Aircraft Technology

Present Aircraft Technology

by Qingqiu Qu, 301125026

Aircraft is referring to the machine which flies in the air with static lift or dynamic lift to counter the force of gravity.   For the 21th century, although aircraft industry only appeared about 30 years later than the vehicle industry from the last century, the aircraft technology has developed so fast that it is as important as the vehicle industry for one of the most important industry for all of the countries. The core technologies of aircraft enterprise  are dominated by a few countries in the world, like USA, Russia and  European Union. The aviation technology has such a development is awarded by the use of military weapon and civilian traveling.  For civilian traveling, airplane helps people to travel between countries in a long distance. For instance, when a person likes to enjoy his vacation in a remote island, he can simply jump onto his small propeller power seaplane, start the engine and he will get to his destination by his fancy aircraft in a short period. Even the President Obama likes to take his “Air Force one” to visit the countries in the other side of the world or sometimes has fun with the other president-special “Marine one” helicopter to fly over his country. For the military aspect,  the unmanned aircraft can detect and search the enemies without risking the pilot.  Military aircrafts are also used to defeat enemies by shooting missiles from the air or dropping bomb to destroy the buildings and facilities of the opponents.

Although some people think that the aviation development changes the world by  polluting the environment badly, the economic impact of aviation and airport development has a much more positive effect around the world.   Because the efficiency of traveling from country to country by airplane is much higher than traveling by vehicle, most of the people are willing to pay just a little bit more money to enjoy the comfortable, fast travel with excellent services comparing to taking a 10 times slower bus to your destinations. Also, the economy has effected so much by the aircraft industry. For aircraft manufacturers,  they need thousands of third party companies to provide millions of parts for manufacturing an airplane. In John Whitelegg’s article, he mentioned that” Much of the growth of air travel has been generated by tourism, 66% of all passengers us in UK airports being leisure travelers. In 1997 UK air travelers abroad spent £13.4 billion whereas foreign travelers by air to the UK spent £9.9 billion, giving a deficit of £3.5 billion.”(John W. p15, 2000)  We can see that this industry has bought so much effect to UK. In the meanwhile, UK is only one of the members of European Union. “Airbus, as the top aviation firm in EU,  competes with the American companies such as Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed, hires 57000 people worldwide”(Mark D. p29,1998).  Also,  the expanding airports all around the world hires millions of employees. John put in”two examples taken together….. expansion at Heathrow.” (John W. P25, 2000). As the above descriptions, aircraft technology has such an impact to the world, it is changing people’s daily life tremendously.  As John mentioned in his article, the arguments of whether limiting the aircraft technology is pointless. this industry has its negative part as the other industries in the human society, but the positive part has brought much more benefits. Although it will harmful the society by polluting the environment and changing the climate, it helps the society by a large amount of employment and a huge economic growth. John believed that the positive side of the aircraft technology can fully cover its negative side.

When  I was young, my parents were always arguing about whether go traveling by car or by plane. Back in 20 years before, the air ticket was so expensive that normal people would only travel by air when the distance is way far. But now, with the fast development of the aviation technology, the fuel efficient of the newest aircraft is about 50% of the old model, and the total capacity is 3 times bigger than before. For example, Airbus 380 can take more than 500 passengers, and it can provide entertainment room, sauna room and even a small casino inside this giant airplane.  Moreover, as I had experienced many times of traveling from Canada to other countries, I found that lots of people are hired by the aviation industry, it is hard to imagine if this industry is collapsed one day, millions of workers will lose their jobs and livings. In the mean while, the development of aircraft also helps the technology developed for all kinds of aspects related to the  industry, like jet engine, high-tech carbon fiber materials. Like what john said in his article, this industry technology has changed human’s life in a very positive way.

Lastly, I don’t think the aircraft could be replaced by any other machines, and I believe that the vehicle will develop as an aircraft-like machine in the future. As in the past, people were trying to use air balloon or airship to replace the aircraft, the facts were crucial– none of those flying machines are really succeed. This technology is not reversible and it somehow may dominate the way of how people travel. As right now the ground level is full of  vehicles, the sky has much more space for the cars. However, I think the discover of UFO(Unknown Flying Objects)will be a huge impact for the aviation industry. A round shape aircraft utilizing electric power might be a new way for this technology in the future. And as lots of the evidences found in the world, the aliens are using this technology to help them fly in the sky and travel in the universe. If so, we can develop a Flying Object with no chemical combustion and flying in a high speed!  I hope all the disadvantages of present airplane will be gone in such a development. And we would like to eliminate the word “air-plane” in our dictionary and put down “air-disk”.


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